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a business school dropout, later turned media production major at ryerson university, jillian (she/her) prides herself on her ability to make others feel seen and heard through writing. she hopes that at the end of each of her projects, she has: created, curated, or occupied a space for representation, captured the emotions behind the story, and successfully brought it to the right people to see. 

she's currently in post-production for "where are you really fom?" a tv-show pilot which she created, wrote, and produced; set to premiere in april 2021. in addition, she works as a digital content creator at peace collective, a toronto-based apparel company. 

her past works include: digital marketing & content creation for ru student life, her creative toronto, reel asian international film festival, body365, and wintersinger's tree farm. in the last year, she's built her personal brand to include major digital collaborations with nike, mejuri, and the body shop. 

in 2018, she published her debut poetry collection "nineteen: a collection of rambles, prose, and poetry" which charted #1 on amazon's "poetry" chart in september 2019. her other written works can be found in kaleidoscope issue no. 3, feels zine "pleasure" issue, and revibe toronto volume no. 5. 


you can find her all over the internet as @beingjillian. 

Alt Text: Jillian Maniquis sitting down while on laptop, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

digital works

videos, digital marketing, collaborative content

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"how well do you know the ttc?" for rustudentlife (2019)

side hustlers (2019)


social media manager, marketing assistant:

Image Description: woman modelling gold hoop earrings from Mejuri. She stands in front of green plants, wearing a green hoodie.
Image Description: Woman modelling thin gold hoop earrings from Mejuri. Only bottom half of face visible.
Image Description: Woman modelling small pearl necklace from Mejuri. She is winking with her lips pursed.


the body shop

Image Description: Woman in bathtub wearing a towel on head and a red lip. In front of her are 3 body care products from The Body Shop.
Image Description: Woman in pursing her lips to kiss a bottle of sunscreen from The Body Shop.
Image Description: Woman sitting in grass with a picnic basket of fruits and body care products. She is unscrewing a jar of lotion from The Body Shop.


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poetry, published, live


written works

also published in:

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by jillian maniquis

"in its simplest form it's a collection of rambles, prose, and poetry. but it is often what I like to refer to as a little piece of myself-- from heartache, to wholeness, to growth. written over the course of three years and taking inspiration from people and experiences from the age of nineteen, this collection transfers those thoughts and feelings into words. in its rawness and vulnerability nineteen wants to break your heart, and then heal it all over again." 

"an ode to chocolate meat" live at enso showcase

more poetry visuals

created, wrote, performed



videos, digital marketing, collaborative content

Image Description: Photo of Jillian wearing black, against a black wall. She is not smiling and is meant to look powerful/ serious.

featured in ryerson marketing association's #iammarketer campaign

Image Description: Black book titled "Nineteen" there are three doodles of small flowers above the title.

featured creator "visible" artist series

Image Description: Jillian standing in front of metallic foil curtain wearing a green satin dress. She is smiling big with her hands on her face.

feautred artist on supercut live


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